Friday, March 16, 2018

Last Week of March

When the children came in this morning,  they discovered that the leprechauns had been in their traps and escaped, with their gold!  There were even tiny green footprints everywhere.  Once we were in the lower school commons, we spotted a leprechaun clue and were off on a leprechaun hunt!
sneaking through the lower school to catch a leprechaun
After finding clues all through the school, we finally returned to the classroom to find a pot of gold!  It was so exciting that it was hard to keep everyone away from our treasure.
We also worked towards our service goal of making Rainbow Loom bracelets for children displaced in Syria.  Our final count was 192!!  Everyone contributed and worked very hard during their choice time to help.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Biobuddies

We finished our body systems study with our biobuddies today. 

To see our digestive system in action, the children mashed up saltines and sprite to watch the food disintegrate.  It was instructive (and a little gross) to see how the food gets broken down.

Then it was time to make our body vests--with working baggie lungs!  

Please check out your child's Seesaw for a picture of the final result.  Then it was time to weigh and measure...

and we even had time to have our buddies join us in our rainbow loom service project.  

Thank you buddies!  We look forward to seeing you for a pizza lunch in April!
Friday, March 9, 2018

Last Skating Day

We had so much fun today for our last skate!  There were determined smiles everywhere.  Some students even taught themselves to skate backwards!

Well done, kindergartners!  Way to use that growth mindset!
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wacky Wednesday!

We had a fantastic, fun-filled, festive Wacky Wednesday to help celebrate Dr. Seuss week!  Of course, it was exciting to see everyone in their wacky attire, complete with slippers, silly hair, wigs, shorts over pants, mismatched shoes and much more!

In addition to making cat hats, we wrote silly Seuss words, did Seuss math, read a few stories--and even counted fish for snack to celebrate One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

We plan on continuing our fun with a few games later this week to practice our memory recall of all things Seuss!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Last Week of February!

We packed in a lot in our short week before conferences!  We worked on our math facts to ten, practicing adding smaller numbers to make ten, and made rainbow chains to show them off! 

Our Partners to Ten Rainbow!
To cap off our study of American symbols, we read the story of the Statue of Liberty.  Everyone created their own lady Liberties--each one is unique and wonderful!

Our class is also in the middle of our service project, making rainbow loom bracelets for Syrian children who have been displaced and living in camps.  We have some children who are experts and were so gracious in showing their peers (and teachers :)  how to make bracelets.


Our annual book fair starts next week as well.  For anyone interested in learning more or shopping online, check here.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Character Traits

We had a wonderful week as we begin to wrap up the month.  We finished our study of character traits with a comparative literature look at different versions of Little Red Riding Hood.   First, we read a traditional rendition of the story...

We charted how we thought the lead characters acted, how they treated other people, and noted some of our ideas. 

Then we read two more modern versions of the story, some that gave more power to the women and girls in the story!

After our character trait study, it was time to have some fun and share our insights about ourselves with "This is Me!"  Please make sure to check out your student sharing their own character traits on their Seesaw portfolio.