Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated a fall birthday last week with a special bear birthday book, Bears and a Birthday.

We hope you had a fantastic birthday!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Going Back in Time: Murphy's Landing

We visited Murphy's Landing in Shakopee this morning.  It was brisk but everyone was excited to jump in.  First we tried out some toys from the 1890s, like the Jacob's Ladder, spinners and wooden stilts.

Then it was time for making cider!  Yum!

We visited the store and saw how an oil lamp was used.

Then it was time to see the house, do chores and feed the chickens!
Hauling wood and water and feeding chickens is hard work.  Everyone definitely deserves a night off and some rest after today!
Thursday, October 12, 2017

Study of Numbers Part 1

We began to think about numbers 1-3 this week.  We even learned a rhyme for the numbers two and three to help remember how to write them.  We write a two by reciting the rhyme: Around the track and straight back, choo-choo I made a two.  We practiced writing the number 3 with the rhyme: First a bump, then another I see.  Bumpity, bump I made a three.

During math workshop, students also practiced putting numbers in order...

And clapping out and counting syllables in Halloween words.

Everyone also made a monster glyph to tell friends a little more about themselves (and practice using scissors and counting in the process!).

Can you guess who made these glyphs?


Bus Safety Week

We capped off a terrific week with bus safety training.  Everyone in the Lower School participates in learning about how to safely walk around the bus, sit on the bus, and exit in case of an emergency.  Look at these excited faces!

Of course, it's sort of fun to practice hopping off the back of the bus too!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Five Senses Study: Popcorn Snack

We used our five senses to explore popcorn-making this afternoon!

Watching, listening and smelling as the kernels and oil stir in the pot...

Then some excitement as the kernels pop quickly and fill the pot!  Then it was time to taste our treat!

Overall, everyone felt that popcorn was crunchy and bumpy, and smelled like steam and oil.  Many friends agreed that it tasted buttery and delicious!

We are ready for our five senses experiment that will happen with our biobuddies in just two short weeks!
Thursday, September 28, 2017

Friendship Fish Project

So much of kindergarten, school and life begins with partnership! Our Friendship Fish project is about working together to create something beautiful and unique. We began with the story Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  After reading, small teams worked together to design a fish.  We talked about what working together looks and sounds like--it could be listening, compromising, taking turns and talking to one another!  Each pair had to choose one scale to be a sparkle scale by listening to each other and coming to an agreement.  

The children created a wonderful connection in their collaboration--and created something new and beautiful! Please make sure to stop by our classroom door at conferences next week and admire their creations!

This Week in Kindergarten: September 29

In the last few weeks, we learned the popcorn words I and is.  This week, it was time for the -at word family.  We learned that word family words always end with the same sounds, like a last name! 

We also met a new friend, Rocket the Dog, in the books Rocket Writes a Story and How Rocket Learned to Read.  

The books inspired us to work like Rocket and keep on sounding out words and writing.  We might even have a visit from Rocket next week when we publish some stories!

In math, we continued our exploration of patterns with delving into both repeating patterns and growing patterns.

making pattern crowns
working on differentiated patterns on the iPad
building story patterns with geometric shapes
During science, we talked about another one of our five senses, our sense of hearing.  We even looked at pictures of how sounds waves work and examined a diagram of the ear.  Our timing was perfect since we had a fire drill the same day, so we experienced both loud and quiet sounds in the afternoon!
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Readers Workshop: Reading Partners

We introduced reading partners for our Readers Workshop this week.  During Readers Workshop, children pick a few books that may be "just right" for them and find a cozy spot around the room with their partner.  The first step is to read "back to back" so each student can focus on reading or using picture clues as they explore a variety of texts.

After reading back to back for a short period (we build our reading stamina as the year progresses), everyone turns "EEKK," or elbow-to-elbow and knee-to-knee, with their partner to share something from their story, or take turns reading from their texts.  

Great job reading, listening and sharing kindergartners!