Friday, February 16, 2018

Readers Theater

We finally were able to read our Readers Theater versions of The Mitten to our preschool friends and kindergarten peers.  Even though it had been a while since we did a read-through, everyone jumped right in and read wonderfully as their characters.  If families are interested in learning more about what Readers Theater is and why we use it, check out this resource.  

Great job, readers! 

Medallion Ceremony

We completed our medallions this week!  Nothing is better than hearing the Olympic anthem and your name being called, knowing that you worked hard and you did it!  We are so proud of all our students.  Many children shared today that some things were hard to learn, like tying their shoes, learning their address, and remembering their phone number.  We are SO proud of all our learners--way to go!! 

Our awesome learners*
*One student will get to pose with Daisy the Dinosaur next week for her medallion ceremony next week, since she couldn't be with us today.*

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day party this week.  Unfortunately, we missed a few friends due to illness, but are excited to give them their valentines when they return.

During our party, we made donut hole frosted bugs, played bingo, and made heart critters.

Of course, opening special notes from our friends was the highlight of the day.  We hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Happy February Skating!

Everyone had a blast at skating today!  Thank you to all our volunteers!

We will welcome everyone back on the ice on March 9th for our last kindergarten skate!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

100 Days of School

We kicked off our 100th day of schools with pictures and a parade through the lower school!

And there is nothing better than jumping through a big "100" too!

We had a 100 snack--so yummy...

and read the list our students created of 100 words too!
Congratulations on being 100 days smarter!

Happy Half Birthday!

A little while ago, we celebrated a summer birthday with a half-birthday celebration.  First, we got to hear the cool follow-up story to Creepy Carrots, titled Creepy Pair of Underwear.  A big hit!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February Biobuddies

We had a wonderful time with our biobuddies today.  First, everyone built a model of the respiratory and circulatory systems using hands-on materials.

Then it was time to check out our heart rates.  Many children listened to their own hearts with the stethescopes, then let their buddies listen in.  

Our middle school buddies listened to our heart rates at rest and after a minute of exercise.  We saw jumping jacks, running in place, and even hallway sprints as kindergartners worked to get their heart rates up.

Then it was time for weighing and measuring again.  It seems like everyone grew a lot over the winter!

Thank you buddies!  We will see you again next month!
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February Community Work: Think Pink!

Think PINK!  Did you know that we fund student-led Philanthropy Projects solely through the collection of BOXTOPS?  We redeem them once a year.  If you have been collecting them please send them to school by February 14th.  
Our Kitchen Utensil Bouquet Drive was a grand success.  Thank you to all who participated.  We will deliver nearly 150 "bouquets" to Bridging, an organization devoted to ending homelessness.  

Thank you to several of our families for volunteering on "Soup-er Bowl Sunday."  The Breck team served up a delicious meal of walleye and wild rice from the White Earth and Red Lake Nations.  If your family would like to participate in this "radical hospitality" First Nations Kitchen offers a community meal every Sunday at All Saints Church in south Minneapolis.  Visit for more information.
Friday, February 2, 2018

Gearing Up for the 100th Day

We are getting ready to celebrate the 100th Day next week.  The students have been busy making necklaces by counting by 10s...

And some of our students started our 100 words list!

We are preparing 100 number chart placemats, and plan on a special parade on Thursday.  Our parade will include crowns, pennants and more!  We also began reading a few books to practice our counting, including 100 Days of School and 100th Day Worries.

We look forward to seeing everyone's 100 collection baggies and creating a classroom museum of our 100 things this week!