Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friendship Fish

Back in September, we brainstormed and charted words and actions we use when being friendly.  I wish I saved the chart we made, oops.  Every year we read Marcus Pfister's Rainbow Fish, and partner the children up to make a beautiful rainbow fish with a sparkly scale.  The goal of the project is for the children to listen to each other ideas, share the fish, respect each other's ideas, and agree on one scale on the fish to turn into a sparkly scale like Rainbow Fish.  We have the children design the fish scales together with a sharpie, take turns drawing the scales and decorating them with oil pastels.  The final touches are a watercolor layer over the oil pastels, followed by gluing glitter sequins on their sparkly scale.  The children work so well and so hard on this project every year--it is so enjoyable to watch them talk and listen to each other as they work!

I realized the picture of our rainbow fish has my reflection in it--taken in the wee hours of the morning!


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