Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mouse Shapes

We are coming to the end of our first term of the school year, and to add some fun to our shapes and number review we made shape mice!  We read Ellen Stoll Walsh's book Mouse Shapes and then created shape mice from different die-cut shapes I had.  I gave the children the sentence starter "My mouse likes______"  and they had to finish the sentence with our sight word to and then an action word (a verb).  It is hard to tell in the pics, but many of the children wrote "My mouse likes to play" or "My mouse likes to swim."  One child wrote "My mouse likes to party!"

A picture of the whole door to our classroom--the colorful mice contrast nicely with our purple door!
We also gave the children scrap paper to tear to create the legs and tails.  I love the Ellen Stoll Walsh Mouse books; we read Mouse Paint at the very beginning of the year when we cover primary and secondary colors, and we will read Mouse Count later in the winter.


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