Monday, November 12, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere?

To finish our study of recycling and natural resources, we did a mini-unit on water conservation.  It also ties nicely with our school-wide community service project this holiday season for clean water systems.
We started by reading Water by Frank Asch and Common Ground: The Water, Earth and Air We Share by Molly Bang.  We brainstormed how much we use water daily and each child tallied their water use.  Each child illustrated two ways they use water each day.

At the end of the day, we added up all our water tallies to see how many times we use water in one day:

The following day, we read about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and how it affected fishing, beaches, wildlife and much more.  We also talked about how we could try to clean water.  We used the following tools:

Each table got some dirty water and the table group took turns trying to clean their water.
Cleaning dirt water:

Cleaning paint water:

Cleaning glue water:

Cleaning glitter water:

After about ten minutes, we regrouped and discussed our findings.  We checked off the tools on our chart that were most effective and then completed our water booklets with drawings of clean vs. dirty water and drawings of our different tools.  The last page of the booklet is where they dictated and drew one reason they want children to have clean water (to drink, to live, to bathe, etc.).  You can download the water booklet here.  I tried to upload a fancier version I made, but it wouldn't take.  This version has all the same components though!


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