Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five Senses Part I

We have tried to tie in our five senses study with a little more on birds.  We used to do a whole study on winter birds, and so even with some changes in our science curriculum we try to squeeze it in where we can.  I will post more on our texture and sight work, along with some fun bird nests we are making tomorrow, but first our really cool sensory table!

Week 1:  The Bird Lookout
We explore real bird nests with our senses of touch and sight.  There's two wren nests and a sparrow nest.

Week 2: Make a nest
The children use a real nest to inspire them to create a nest using craft materials. 

 I model how to tear a paper lunch bag down each side roll it down to the bottom to create the base.  Then some glue and materials--a super fun, sticky nest mess!


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