Friday, January 25, 2013

The Writing Process

Our students did a tremendous job with our first attempt at rough drafting in the writing process.  Since we have started our unit on the five senses (hopefully the next post will feature our bird lookout), it's a great fit to write animal riddles using our five senses!

This writing project was a little bit of research, and a lot of process.  I modeled two sentences (with spelling and punctuation errors) that describe how an animal feels, looks or sounds.  The children guessed what it was, and then we walked through my errors and I corrected them.  We talked about how our rough draft was putting our ideas on paper, and that we would use the changes and corrections  from working with the teacher to make a final "masterpiece" copy complete with an illustration inside.  I have lots of National Geographic Kids magazines for the children to research an animal and come up with ideas for five senses clues.  We hung the final drafts of the animal riddles on their lockers--so great to see them working hard on their phonetic spelling, punctuation and capitalization--and coming up with great clues!  I will post more pictures next week, but here are few pics of the rough
drafts and masterpieces!


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