Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We are 100 Days Smarter!!

The 100th day is such a big deal, and man did our students work hard!  Each student spent the last few days writing 100 words each and writing their numbers from 1 to 100!  Our board is almost complete.

We made cupcake sliders (an old reproducible from The Mailbox, I think) that counted by 5s to 100, decorated 100 glasses and crowns (from Oriental Trading) and read lots of books about the 100th day.  One of our students brought a great book from Nancy Carlson about the 100th day in Kindergarten, displayed with the others below:
Each child also brought in a bag with 100 mystery objects and read their three clues to us.  We had several children leave us stumped with their clues--one clue for a bag of chocolate kisses said "you get these at home, but not as sweet!"  Another bag had a clue that read "they have pluses or minuses on top"--it was a bag of metal screws!  So much fun that I didn't take enough pictures.


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