Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hurrah for Dr. Seuss Week!

Happy Seuss week from Kindergarten!  My colleague and I posed under our Seuss sign in our Wacky Wednesday outfits.  It was pretty fun to wear a tutu
for the day!  On Monday, we read Cat in the Hat and made -at word family hats--I found the template on pinterest.

On Tuesday, we read There's a Wocket in my Pocket.  Then we decided what was in our pockets!

Today was Wacky Wednesday and we wore our wackiest stuff!  We discussed what a synonym is and brainstormed other words for wacky.  We talked about whether words that have similar meanings are "synonyms" or "cinnamon--" a fun twist on the word synonym!  We also talked about alliteration and brainstormed some alliterative descriptions for our day (I didn't add those to the chart though).

Tomorrow is Green Eggs and Ham day.  Everyone brings in two rhyming items and writes a page from our own version of the story--here's the cover page ready to go!

Each child brought in two rhyming things and decided to write about if they would eat green eggs and ham with their rhyming things or not.  Our class book turned out beautifully!


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