Monday, March 4, 2013

The Teddy Bear Factory and Store

To finish our unit on the world of work, we worked in our classroom teddy bear factory.  We watched a video of the Vermont Teddy Bear factory and read The Legend of the Teddy Bear, which tells the story of how the teddy bear got its name.

Each student picked a job in our classroom factory--head, body, arms or legs.  Everyone went through our "training" and then made a headband and uniform badge to get ready for work.  Here's our classroom pet, Daisy the Dinosaur, wearing the badge and headband.

Hard at work making bears in the factory!

Our completed bears!

Each child earned $5 Bear Bucks which they can spend in our bear store.  They can buy a bear and accessories for their bear.  Each step in our bear factory process helps the children be part of training, working, earning, and choosing how to spend money.

Our Bear Store is open! Everyone came over and chose their bears and accessories.  We had felt jerseys, felt capes, lace skirts, foam visors, straw hats, necklaces, and flowers and bows to glue into their hair.  Before the bear store opened, we discussed how each bear cost two dollars, and brainstormed the different opportunity costs--how when we choose to spend money one way, we make an active choice for one thing over another.  I wish I had a template to share for the bear bucks featured in the picture in green--they are dollars featuring a bear with the words "bear buck" underneath a picture of a teddy bear.


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