Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tooth Fairy Subtraction

Kindergarten is that special time when everyone starts getting their grown-up teeth and losing those baby teeth.  To help us think more about our new math skill, subtraction, we read Fluffy Meets the Tooth Fairy and solved some tooth fairy word problems (from Smart Tarts Learning).  Of course I erased my whiteboard before I took a picture of how we drew a picture to solve the problems and then created our subtraction number sentences.

 Then each child made their own special tooth fairy and created their own subtraction number sentence.  The tooth fairy template is from Fallin in First, which I printed on construction paper to make them sturdy.  We made little bags for the children on which to record their own number sentence.Some leftover holiday sparkly chenille stems make great wands too.

The tooth fairy collected 10 teeth, but when she checked her bag there were only ____ inside.  How many did she lose? 

It's a wonderful hands-on and Fun Friday way to get into subtraction!  And I have to say, I was gushing because they are ADORABLE!


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