Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Look for the helpers

As the kindergartners finish up a new writing piece on a rainy day and begin animal research reports (to be posted soon), I wanted to pause to add some links.  Since the tragedy in Boston yesterday, I have found myself listening to a lot of news, with my son possibly overhearing in the background.  As a Bostonian born and raised, I have been glued to the news.  While not every child will be exposed to the events on Patriots' Day, I find it useful for myself as a parent to have some resources handy in case my son questions me about what he hears.

The Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network has valuable insight found here.
The National Association of School Psychologists also has a tip sheet listed here.
As always, I find PBS to have fantastic and thoughtful information.  A piece about talking to children about the news is here.

As another parent wiser than myself said, when something scary happens, look for the helpers-- the first responders, the onlookers. There are always people helping.


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