Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Research, Write, Review and More: the writing process

For the last two weeks, the kindergartners have walked through the steps of research, writing, rewriting and illustrating a favorite animal.  The students used and read National Geographic Kids magazines, Ranger Ricks, Click magazines and many different non-fiction books from our school library.  One child was eager to research and write about the harpy eagle--for that one we had to do some computer research.  But now we all know about the harpy eagle!

An important part of research was understanding the life of the animal chosen. I asked each child to imagine how that animal got through its day--what it's body was like, how it lived, where it lived, what it ate and how--if it hunted, munched on grass, gathered nuts, etc.

Research and Rough Drafts:

We talked a lot about including an animal's habitat in our final illustrations--on how our illustrations would support what we are writing.  Each child had a mini conference with a teacher to do an edit.  Using those edits to create a final draft or "masterpiece:"

 Final presentations and posting of animal reports: Pictures coming soon!

We are also going to extend our learning tomorrow with some broader concepts gathered from our collective reports.  How many children chose to write about pets?  Wild animals?  How many children will never see their animal in real life?  How many child enjoy learning about their animal, but would not want to encounter one in real life? Which animals do we see in art-and from which cultures?  Since we just finished our study of folk tales and began our study of fables, we will get to see which animals are featured in those different genres.


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