Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We made wonderful handprint pots with poems for Mothers' Day.  I got the idea from my daughter's daycare and loved it.  My assistant had the idea for the adorable little dragonflies/butterflies above the flowers, which add another beautiful touch of color.

I will post a link to the poem here tomorrow (on the drive at school) so it will be easier to read.

We read Mommy, You're the Best (But Sister, You're a Pest) by Dianne DeGroat.  I also love reading A Chair for my Mother by Vera Williams for Mother's Day.  We collectively created an acrostic poem for MOTHER and added it to tulip cards.  I had access to some extra silver tissue paper and ribbon, which the students used to wrap their poem flowerpots.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Over in the Meadow: Getting Ready for our Performance

We began reading the counting rhyme "Over in the Meadow" this week.  There are so many versions--we read our Olive Wadsworth version, then compared and contrasted other editions of the classic rhyme.

We made puppets of each animal from the rhyme, then each child chose an animal to play during our class show.  We brainstormed what our meadow should include and made a background.

Each child picked an animal to add to our meadow--one separate from the puppets.  The froggies, ducks, lily pads and beavers are charming and bring life to our meadow and pond area!