Sunday, September 8, 2013

Animal Groups

What a busy week!  We started our friendship fish project Friday afternoon and look forward to finishing it tomorrow, just in time for parents to see on Back to School Night Tuesday.  Also look for our Mouse Town shape collage on the window.

We are studying animal groups this September and just examined the differences between reptiles and amphibians on Friday.  I was excited to find a garter snake (no longer living) on the side of the road while running yesterday, and decided drive back later to collect it to show the students as a great example of a reptile.  However, on the ride home, my son, daughter and I discovered that, after hours in the hot sun, the snake smelled very very bad!  So we don't have a real specimen of a reptile, but it made me think that lots of our families may have photographs from zoos or aquariums.  We would love to have your child bring in and share a snapshot of any animals/insects/fish/etc. that s/he has met for our animal groups study.

We will attend chapel and religion class this week, and start some small-group word study work.  By the end of the week, you can ask your child to share what a "popcorn word" is!


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