Monday, September 2, 2013

Building Community

As we move into the second week of school, it is a wonderful time to begin thinking more about our classroom community and our community as a whole.  One of our commitments at school is to foster Character Always and Respect Everyone (C.A.R.E.).  In kindergarten, that often begins with listening to one another, taking turns and using positive talk.

We already saw many occurrences of joyful connections in our room this week!

Serving tea and taking care of the baby

Making phone calls and getting ready for hockey

Making prints and textures with animals from different animal groups

Building a monthly calendar

                    Moving so fast as buildings come together

A wonderful mermaid castle!

Creating more portraits after our self-portrait study

Creating life-size portraits

As we think about community, we will begin with a collaborative project called "Friendship Fish" this week.   My goal is that every other Friday, we will actively engage in a team project.  On the Fridays off, we will be participating in a "kitchen table" community service project that helps a needy group around us.  The organization Doing Good Together, which came to Breck School for an in-service teacher workshop, inspired us to begin conversations about service and has some developmentally appropriate activities we can do as a class.  We will be using some of their ideas to help organizations like Meals on Wheels, shelters and local animal shelters (without the animals, since there are allergies!). We know that even small gestures, pieces of art, cards and more make a difference to the many people in need around us!  Visit and to learn more about this local organization and more ideas, books and resources for service.


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