Thursday, September 26, 2013


If you enter the classroom in the next few weeks, you may see our word families on the back windows! Word families are really about understanding patterns in spelling and sounds.  A powerful tool in our "reader's toolbox" is phonemic awareness, or the understanding and identification of sounds in words.  At every level of reading, children benefit from being more confident decoders and spellers.  For more on the importance of phonemic awareness, Reading Rockets has a great site with a link here.

As the year goes on, we will explore and learn more word families such as words that end in -en, -et, -op, -ug, -ay and more.  We are currently reading nursery rhymes, which are fantastic for thinking about word endings and rhyme.

To help us with our understanding of words (and to reinforce how to make what we call "finger spaces" between words when writing), each child helped make Humpty Dumpty's wall.
We also used our "daily five" time in the afternoon this week to explore independent literacy stations: word work, writing, ipads and independent reading.  It's called "daily five" because by the end of the October we will have five stations up and running.  I hoped to have more children get a turn with the ipads today, but due to the lockdown drill we moved it to tomorrow.
Sorting words by beginning sound

Practicing letter formation

Writing answers to the "What is it" game

Writing answers to the "What is it" game

Spelling environmental print

Classroom word search

Writing beginning sounds for autumn words

Exploring Rhyme Sort on the ipads

A housekeeping note: If you have not already, please return the fall conference sheet for us to use next week.  And please sign up for a conference if you have not yet had a chance.  Have a great weekend!


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