Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pirates and Heart of the Beast

It was wonderful to see so many families today at Homecoming.  My children particularly liked the clown balloon creations and fishing game!

Some great pictures from the end of the day Thursday as we made the "ar" sound in our pirate hats:

Thank you to our art volunteer--Molly's mom--for helping us navigate the long and festive parade for Heart of the Beast Friday morning!

Each class had a theme for their costume.  Our class was "North American animals."  Look at the hopping bunnies, stomping buffalo and more!

Our fantastic art instructor Carol Grams as she leads the parade ahead:

And last but not least... we watched the coronation pairs proceed through the chapel hall and even got up and close with the coronation crowns.

Conference sign-up will begin soon, so please look out for more information from the school regarding the October 3rd and 4th goal-setting meetings.  I look forward to spending more time with our families, just as much as Ms. Brandl and I look forward to each day with your kindergarten learners.  Have a peaceful and happy weekend!


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