Monday, October 28, 2013

Bones Bones Bones

We finished our skeletal system study with an experiment.  Here was our setup:

Three chicken bones, one container of milk and one container of vinegar.  We learned that vinegar has a powerful and "kind of stinky" smell. 

You may notice that this is a post-experiment picture.  We saturated one bone in milk and one bone in vinegar over the weekend; we left another bone by itself as a "control" for our experiment.
Our chart read: 

Milk bone
Vinegar bone
Experiment Result
It bent and broke.
We saw the mushy inside of the bone!
It broke—because it was a skinny bone to begin with.

It was pretty cool to see how much the acid from the vinegar sapped the calcium from the bone.  You might be able to see the inside of the bone from the picture.  We thought it was gross and cool.  Our experiment helped reinforce how important it is to take care of our bones and eat healthy foods, things with calcium, vitamins and minerals.
If you are interested in creative science experiments for kindergarteners (and all ages), there is a great resource at prepare to get messy!  If you do any experiments at home and want to send us your pictures, I'll post them to share!


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