Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkin Glyphs

Halloween is around the corner and we started thinking about the holiday with some jack o'lanterns.  Our pumpkin people are part of a glyph--we discussed how a glyph can give someone information about something when we have a key.  Our key is posted below--sorry the type is so small!  
We discovered through our glyphs that many of our students have a costume ready for Halloween, love candy corn and pumpkin pie, and many decorate their homes for Halloween.  We also began talking about odd and even numbers.  If your age is an odd number, then your pumpkin's eyes were circles; if your age is an even number, your pumpkin's eyes are triangles.  We also practiced accordion folding for the legs--a great fine motor activity. Some of our pumpkin people even ended up with tiny boots by the end!
We can't wait for Halloween!


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