Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Newest Addition to Kindergarten Is...

a Woolly Bear caterpillar!  Or, as the students named him, Fuzzball.
Fuzzball in Frightened Protective Mode (after being moved for the picture)

A few kindergartners found him on the playground, and we are fostering him inside in hopes of seeing what he will change into.  We have begun some research but are really using our imaginations and prior knowledge to make predictions.
Our caterpillar facts and post-it predictions of what Fuzzball might become

We are trying hard to be a good foster family for him, and so try to provide him with fresh green leaves each day.  There are also rocks and twigs since one of our students said he really wanted Fuzzball to have something to play on :)  So thoughtful!

There is a chance that he was out on our playground looking for a place to "overwinter," such as under tree bark, until the spring when he builds a chrysalis.  In that case, we will release him in a week or so after we had time to observe and make our predictions.  Since we might not see the outcome in person, we will begin using some research techniques (using moodle2 and querying our librarians for reference books) to discover what he becomes! 
Fuzzball in the top center, crawling quickly to get away from the flash

For more information on Woolly Bears, click here.  You can share what you learn with your kindergartener--or keep it a surprise!  According to lore, the length of the brown segment of the Woolly Bear caterpillar can predict the severity of our winter weather; the longer the brown segment, the milder the winter.


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