Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Westwood Nature Center Field Trip

We had a great (but chilly) time at Westwood Nature Center this week.  We even had the grandfather of a kindergarten friend as our bus driver!
Upon our arrival, the children explored the puppets, examined live reptiles, amphibians and worms in mini-habitats, and found all the animals on our checklist.  
We didn't see deer, but we spotted antlers next to some fierce-looking mammals.

The puppet show featured a squirrel getting ready for winter, and all the other critters who try to share his tree.  The guides and puppeteers definitely had fun with the show--and the grown-ups enjoyed it too!
 Our tour guide showing us a painted turtle shell before our nature walk.  During our walk, we looked for fish, evidence of deer rubbing their antlers on the trees, and holes from woodpeckers.  We entered the bee center to see honeybees up close and in action in their hexagon honeycombs.  Our kindergartners were very brave as we studied the hundreds of bees at work!
The nature walk ended with a walk over a peaceful waterfall.  A few students stopped to listen to the lapping water and watch for sunfish.

Upon our return to school, we checked off a few of the animals we saw evidence of at the center, including Canadian geese and deer.  We will return to the nature center in the winter (with more layers on) to see what other evidence we can find, and see what changes the season brings to trees, bees and pond. 


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