Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wolf in the Yard!

At conferences, many of us talked about the importance of building and solving math stories in kindergarten as a way for math to become an "everyday" importance.  We began creating math stories this week with a game called "wolf in the yard."  A set of math buddies got a wolf, a set of ten bears, and took turns having some bears run away from the wolf in the yard.  Oh no!  The other buddy had to draw and solve to discover how many bears had run off.  It sounds confusing, but we had a great time doing it and we began some story subtraction in the process.

A few notes about the week:  We did a great job with our fire drill today, and will continue talking about fire safety for National Fire Safety Week.  We are also going to be reading and talking more about Bullying Awareness, being peacemakers, and "using our voices" to stand up for ourselves when we need to!


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