Sunday, October 27, 2013

Writing for Readers

Last week, we embarked on our new unit of writing named Writing for Readers.  The title refers to how we begin to look at the readabiity of our text as we write in the areas of both process and mechanics.  Students begin using their workshop "office--" a file folder with a popcorn word list (sight word list), alphabet chart, color words and number words.  Their office also includes a checklist to run through after writing, with items such as "Did I use finger spaces between words?  Do my pictures match the story I am telling?  Did I end sentences with periods?"  We practice reading back our stories to the teacher and ourselves and begin asking the questions writers ask themselves--Does my story make sense?  What else can I add?  Does my story have a who, what, and where?  Families may also hear their children refer to "small moments" or "true stories" during this time.  This unit focuses on children drawing stories from their own real-life experiences, and honing in on one adventure or "small moment" to expand upon.


Our read-aloud story to help think about small moments was the wonderful book by Margaret Wise Brown, Sneakers the Seaside Cat.  It is also a great segue into our next science unit on the five senses. A favorite of this teacher :)  

Of course, we got to do some fancying up of an earlier story.  Each child decided on and sounded out a title for their fancy pieces!  Each time we fancy up a piece, we will add something new.  Next time, we may add a front cover, a back cover and some dedications!


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