Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Patterns All Around Part II

Lots of friends brought patterns from around the world this week.
A scarf from Scotland

A pillowcase from China--we talked about the use of red in Chinese culture as well!

A floral scarf from Hawaii

A Hungarian doll dress

A woolen blanket from the United States

A homemade pattern of diamonds and dots on paper--well done!

A bag from Australia--the white pieces are made from rolled up printed paper

A case from China with more lucky red in its pattern

A cloth from Norway with a woven geometric pattern of whites and blues

Coasters from Australia with intricate animal patterns

A beautiful scarf from Liberia with a tan and red pattern
A t-shirt from China

A flag from Nepal--we unrolled it carefully later for a better look.

A kitchen towel from France

A Hawaiian doll with lei flower patterns

A lion pillowcase with geometric patterns from Africa

Click here to see a map highlighted with our pattern locations!


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