Thursday, November 7, 2013

Patterns All Around

Can you make a pattern?
We are reviewing patterns and introducing growing patterns.  We started with ABABAB patterns, moved to AABAABAAB patterns, then tried the challenge of the AABABCABCD pattern. In patterns, each child made a pattern and then their partner finished it.

We made a beautiful turkey of repeating ABCDABCD patterns outside the classroom this morning!

Mrs. Powers showed us a video she made for Breck several years ago of patterns from the architecture, streets, textiles and pottery of Italian cities.  It was a wonderful reminder that patterns are all around us--and in every culture.  A letter is going home today asking you and your child to collect something from your home that demonstrates a repeating pattern!  Their item can be from any country--be sure your child can tell us where it is from.  Please bring in your item next week for a pattern sharing morning!


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