Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hurrah for Dr. Seuss Week!

Happy Seuss week from Kindergarten!  My colleague and I posed under our Seuss sign in our Wacky Wednesday outfits.  It was pretty fun to wear a tutu
for the day!  On Monday, we read Cat in the Hat and made -at word family hats--I found the template on pinterest.

On Tuesday, we read There's a Wocket in my Pocket.  Then we decided what was in our pockets!

Today was Wacky Wednesday and we wore our wackiest stuff!  We discussed what a synonym is and brainstormed other words for wacky.  We talked about whether words that have similar meanings are "synonyms" or "cinnamon--" a fun twist on the word synonym!  We also talked about alliteration and brainstormed some alliterative descriptions for our day (I didn't add those to the chart though).

Tomorrow is Green Eggs and Ham day.  Everyone brings in two rhyming items and writes a page from our own version of the story--here's the cover page ready to go!

Each child brought in two rhyming things and decided to write about if they would eat green eggs and ham with their rhyming things or not.  Our class book turned out beautifully!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Get Ready for Dr. Seuss Week!

Dr. Seuss week promises to be great fun!  I will post more pictures next week when it is underway, but I wanted to share our schedule for the fun.  This is the first year doing a week-long celebration, culminating in a delicious "cat in the hat" snack made from graham crackers, large marshmallows and fruit tape.  I got the cat in the hat treat idea from another kindergarten blog, the fantastic A Place Called Kindergarten.

Monday: Creating Dr. Seuss Badges saying "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!"
Tuesday: There's a Wocket in my Pocket  Writing and collages answering the question "what's in your pocket?"
Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday  Wear your wackiest outfit.  I plan on a tutu and striped tights.
Thursday: Green Eggs and Ham  Each child brings in two rhyming objects (i.e. a nickel and a pickle) and writes their own page from the classic story.
Friday: The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Came Back  We will make fantastic cat hats and yummy marshmallow treats!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Belated Valentine's Day and President's Day

Better late than never!  We had a lovely, low-key Valentine's Day party last week, complete with a few stations and then yummy heart cookies to decorate!  For our stations we had: candy heart estimation sheet from Mrs. Shehan's Kindergarten blog for one station, assembling a heart puzzle, and lacing collage hearts.  For those early finishers, I had 14 "pieces of my heart" hiding around the room for them to find--here it is assembled (I got it from Joann Fabrics).

Here are our super-cute Valentine's Day mailboxes!  We read The Lion and The Mouse and discussed what it means to be lion-hearted.  Then we made our lionhearts for all our valentines!

For President's Day, we made two charts for each President.  I have a puzzle of Mt. Rushmore which we referenced too!  Here's our Washington chart:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Working toward technology!

I love giveaways and, in particular, a technology giveaway!  I would love to have iPads in the classroom to use for our daily five time; there are terrific apps for building phonemic awareness, spelling, reinforcing number sense, even helping with dramatic play.  Here's a giveaway from the iMums for an ipad mini, with apps from Bamba for playing post office and pizza restaurant--very cool!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Legends (Tall Tales II)

I took a quick picture of some of the books we have read for our study of tall tales and legends.  I love starting with Paul Bunyan first (since this is Minnesota), and working through Johnny Appleseed, John Henry and Mike Fink.  Once we have read those, we read Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett by Steven Kellogg and being reading legends with female lead characters!  After Sally Ann makes an alligator tornado, each child brainstorms and writes their own legend version of who makes the weather.  I love how these turned out--next time we will write two to three sentences and extend their descriptions.  One child drew a dog and explained that rain is really the dog's drool!

I made a simple template for the "who made the weather" page which I tried to upload, but the fonts were skewed.  It was made in MS Word using Miss Tina's fonts and Handwriting Solid for the blank lines.

Next week, we are onto Tomie dePaola's legends, including my favorite, The Legend of Bluebonnet.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Up, Down and All Around

There are so many books to read when we talk about position, location words and directions.  I love to start with Caps for Sale, and then include somewhere later Up, Down and All Around and 10 Little Rubber Ducks (also good for ordinal numbers).  To help us today with positionality (sounds like a good word, even if it's not a real word for it!), I used our puppet Owly and moved him around the room.  I got Owly a long time ago from Ikea and am so excited to use him!  The children identified where he was, and then we played "Owly says--" our version of Simon Says with moving our bodies left, right, arms above, below, etc.

If I did this project again, I would find some cute goat stickers so we could turn our collages into The Three Billy Goats Gruff! But without goats, we used foam stickers in our first names and positioned them around bridge collages according to our directions: first letter on the left, last letter on the right, one letter above and one letter below the bridge.  I love giving the childen paper collage materials, and I had some fun shiny blue paper, along with some sushi grass to add to the fun!

Five Senses Part II

 We finished up our five senses unit with some cool texture painting      and writing.  The children mixed blue fingerpaint with shaving cream and the yellow fingerpaint with salt.  After painting, everyone brainstormed and wrote their texture describing words--they are a little hard to see on the blue sentence strips below the paintings, but we had lots of variety with bumpy,  slimy, smooth, rough and more.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Groundhog's Day

I am very tardy on this post, but I am finally starting to feel like myself today after a week of the flu.  We have been very busy at school trying to sanitize things and keep things clean too!  Last week we did some great things for Groundhog's Day:
First we read A Garden for the Groundhog, and talked about how we wait to see the groundhog's prediction for an early spring or longer winter.  I have some templates of little groundhogs from The Mailbox that we colored, cut out and taped onto popsicle sticks.  We poked little holes in the bottom of styrofoam cups so the groundhog can "hide" in his burrow, and pop out to see his shadow.  The little poem is hard to see, but it says:

         I'm a little groundhog, furry and brown
         See me pop up while I look around
         If I see my shadow, down I'll go
         Six more weeks of winter, oh no!

I got this idea from pinterest--the children made groundhog cuties and placed them on the chart below to make their prediction before Groundhog's Day.  They are adorable!