Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Hard to Tie Your Shoes!

It is hard to tie your shoes.  We practiced today with our paper shoes, and everyone tried even when it was hard. We stressed that you won't learn to tie your shoes in a day, but it's important to try, try again!

Our read aloud for shoe-tying helped us think about we keep on trying!

And our circle of shoes!
Keep on practicing!  You can do it!
Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are thankful for our friends and families

Our classroom turkey is a beautiful bird filled with thankful thoughts.  Thank you to all our families for participating in this project.  Everyday we walk by it and we are reminded of our blessings.  It also ties in with our monthly theme, friendship.  Mrs. Lokke, our lower school counselor, visited us and helped the children see how friends meet in the middle or compromise (a great word!).
The book Pout-Pout Fish and the Big, Big Dark helped us see how friends can encourage each other, even when something seems scary.  

We also read a book in the Stuart J. Murphy series, Emma's Friendwich, which helped us think about how to approach a friend to play.  We walked through the steps of smiling, asking to play, and sharing to enter play with a new friend. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  December is coming up fast... December means holidays and skating!!  Let's get out on that ice!  More information to come...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Storyteller Buddies for Friendship Month

We began reading the My First Little House Laura Ingalls Wilder series to help us think about the seasons, jobs, chores and days of pioneers.  Here are a few of the books in the series we are reading:


We have been working with our 3rd grade buddies twice a week to draft and begin individual pioneer stories.  It also ties in nicely with our November CARE theme, friendship!

We continue to working on creating stories using our knowledge from the trip to Brooklyn Farm and from some of the literature we have read.    The 3rd grade buddies are doing a wonderful job of modeling their writing skills for us.  Some pictures of us drafting on paper and beginning ipad stories from last week and this week:


Friday, November 15, 2013

Settler Life Story

A link to our first in-class book using the My Story  app is here.  There already appear to be a few glitches--some parts of a few illustrations are missing :( --but we hope to have those resolved for our collaboration with the third grade class for our more extended frontier life books.
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November Biobuddies

We reviewed and applied our knowledge of the skeletal system with our middle school biobuddies today.  Biobuddies is one of our favorite things to do, and our buddies are such encouraging, kind role models for our kindergartners.  We drew our bones in our science booklet, drew how we would look without bones (a blob!), and made our fingerprints.  Of course we also measured our height and weight again--some children grew a few centimeters since October!

The biggest part of our biobuddy morning was body tracing!  Kindergarten filled up the middle school commons as our buddies traced our body outlines.  Then each kindergartner "took the pen" and drew their skeletal system, with a skull, ribs, arm bones, leg bones and more.  A few children added their own embellishments of eyelashes and speech bubbles :)

Patterns All Around Part II

Lots of friends brought patterns from around the world this week.
A scarf from Scotland

A pillowcase from China--we talked about the use of red in Chinese culture as well!

A floral scarf from Hawaii

A Hungarian doll dress

A woolen blanket from the United States

A homemade pattern of diamonds and dots on paper--well done!

A bag from Australia--the white pieces are made from rolled up printed paper

A case from China with more lucky red in its pattern

A cloth from Norway with a woven geometric pattern of whites and blues

Coasters from Australia with intricate animal patterns

A beautiful scarf from Liberia with a tan and red pattern
A t-shirt from China

A flag from Nepal--we unrolled it carefully later for a better look.

A kitchen towel from France

A Hawaiian doll with lei flower patterns

A lion pillowcase with geometric patterns from Africa

Click here to see a map highlighted with our pattern locations!