Sunday, January 19, 2014

Germs, Germs

We talked about germs this week and began a cool germ experiment!  We read the story Germs Are Not for Sharing and discussed what germs do, how they spread, and how we can stay healthy.  The children had lots of great ideas for staying healthy, including: eating well, washing your hands when you cough or sneeze, and keeping your hands away from your nose and mouth.  We also talked about getting good amounts of sleep and exercise!

We did two experiments.  For our first experiment, each child touched an agar Petri plate with their fingers and then rubbed a Q-tip on a surface in the classroom and rubbed it onto the Petri plate.  After the long weekend, we will examine our plates to see how if any germs grow!  If you are interested in trying this at home and making your own Petri dishes, the Kitchen Pantry Scientist (a mom based in the Twin Cities) has some great ideas featured on her site here.  Try the "Mentos Geyser!!"

After using the agar plates, we looked at how germs can spread.  As the children gathered to go to lunch, I shook each child's hands with glitter on my hands.  We looked at our hands when we were done and realized that everyone I touched now had glitter on their hands!  Imagine those were germs--ICK!  So then we sang the hand-washing song at the sprayer sinks.  The children practiced using the three main ingredients to clean hands: soap, water, and scrubbing!


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