Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pieces of Peace

To celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we read several stories including the wonderful Martin's Big Words.  

After reading about his life, we discussed as a class what fairness feels and what Dr. King fought against without violence.  We talked how it would feel if there were signs telling us we could only go to certain schools, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. based on our skin color--in the book, they discuss how Dr. King felt as a child when he saw "whites only" signs, how he said "yes" when others said "hate."  Each child drew and wrote one way they try to be peaceful and loving in the vein of Dr. King.


Our Pieces of Peace so far
Hmmm... my camera seems to be blurry.  I will try to get better pictures tomorrow.

One of our classmates brought a picture of his great-grandfather with Dr. King as well.  What a wonderful personal connection to share with the class!

For some great activities, information and resources for your children to celebrate Dr. King, check out BrainPOP.


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