Thursday, March 13, 2014


 Happy BEAR Day!

Our BEAR Day was a culmination of studying fiction and non-fiction bears.  After our bear research project, we began reading and comparing Goldilocks and the Three Bears stories.  There were definitely some favorites!

A great twist on the old story--a favorite of the class!

A funny version by the author of the Elephant and Piggie books
We started the day with the beautiful story of how the toy bear became "Teddy Bear," named after President Theodore Roosevelt.  For a quick blurb on the story of Roosevelt and the bear, check out the National Park Service site.

We had a great time making bear waffles with mini and regular waffles, blueberries and licorice lace!


We made bear bags, some featuring speech bubbles!

 We used our "shake the bears" bags to add up to 15 and 16...

and made Goldilocks puzzles with hidden pictures.

Some kindergarteners brought their bears with them to recess to enjoy the fine weather too.


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