Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oh the Things You Can Think

We are thinking Seuss this week!  First we started off by becoming the Cat in the Hat!
 Then we made some very yummy cat hat treats from jumbo marshmallows, fruit strips and graham crackers...


We welcomed lots of Seuss books today and finished with a reading of Hop on Pop by one of our kindergarteners!

There are many great resources on Dr. Seuss out there!  Check Seussville here for fun activities and printables for students.  

For grown-ups, a short piece appeared in the Boston Globe this week about a collection of Dr. Seuss' hats on exhibit at a gallery in Northampton, MA.  He traveled the world and was particularly interested in military and ceremonial hats--he had over 500 hats at one point!

One of the wonderful things about Seuss is that so many parents, families, children and teachers have fond memories and a favorite book from their childhood by the beloved author.  Mrs. Becker in the Admissions Office today even shared with us how Dr. Seuss' name is actually pronounced /soyce/ like "voice--" Dr. Seuss decided that since the mispronunciation sounded like "Mother Goose" he would stick with it. 

Look for more updates this week as we invite more children to share their favorite Seuss books, dress up as the Lorax, and make up our own silly Seuss words!  


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