Sunday, March 2, 2014

SPPRAK Attack!

Our C.A.R.E. theme for February was Kindness!  During conferences, you may have seen the SPPRAK attack signs with lots of post-it notes.  SPPRAK stands for Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness.  We encouraged children to write down whenever someone did something kind for them and stick it on signs across the school.  Here's the one outside our classroom!

The Lower School also did a fantastic job of bringing in Boxtops for our Boxtop Bonanza! We raised $769 for Heifer International, which means approximately a heifer and a half can be sent to a village in need.  It could also mean sending seven goats or sheep, or even a whole lot of bees.  Every little bit helps, so thank you.  What a kind, considerate community we have! 

And a little preview...  Our grocery store is under construction!

But our cupboards are a little bare... we are looking for any emptied and rinsed cans, cereal boxes, pasta boxes, egg cartons... anything to help fill out store with healthy food.  Please feel free to send them with your child and we will put them to good use!  We will be practicing adding coins, making grocery lists, and learning about the food pyramid.  The food pyramid has evolved a lot since many parents were in school--check here for a child-friendly breakdown on the new pyramid.  Arthur at PBSKids also has a cool "Lunch-O-Matic" game where children can match nutritional content to different foods!


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