Sunday, March 2, 2014

The End of the Winter Olympics, But Still Winter...

Since the closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics, our map and medal count have evolved a lot. During the next week, we are going to take a close look at our map and our medal counts before the display comes down.  Here are a few peeks in case you have not had an opportunity to check it out!
The display says that gold medalists were awarded medals with a piece of a meteor that fell in Russia last year.  In fact, Russia determined that they would award  these Chelybinsk gold medals to those who won gold on February 15, the anniversary of the the meteor falling over the city of Chelybinsk.   Check here to learn about these very cool meteor medals.
One of the things we are going to discuss is why there are so many participants from the continents of Europe, North America and Asia in the Winter Olympics, and far fewer from Australia, Africa and South America.  The big hint is that that belt around our earth, the equator!  We did manage to put up a short profile of a winter athlete from each continent; however, many of the athletes from Africa and South America actually live and train in the United States or Europe.  

And why aren't there any participants from Antarctica in the Sochi Olympics?  Because penguins don't fly! 

One of the things the teachers did not realize was just how many medals the Netherlands typically earns in speedskating!  We started the chart based on which countries are historically high medal earners in winter sports.We will make sure to have our 2016 Olympics board with the Netherlands included!  Can you see which country made it through three ten frames?


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