Saturday, April 5, 2014

All About Books!

We fancied up our writing on Friday!  After developing several informational "all about" books, each child picked their favorite to color and construct a title page for.  We have experts in everything from Legos to ballet to leprechauns to Ninja Turtles to the movie Frozen!  Well done, writers!

All About T-rexs

All About Ballet

All About Frozen

All About Legos

All About Leprechauns

All About Shoes

All About Microraptors

All About Minecraft

All About Ninja Turtles

All About Peregrine Falcons
Our next unit of study is persuasive writing.  We will be thinking about how to convince and enact change around our school!

In the meantime, we spotted one sign of spring after our April snowstorm... robins!


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