Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earth Week Part II

To help us think about an important part of the 3 Rs--Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-- we took advantage of the spring sunshine and did a water experiment on the playground.  Each child worked with a partner to try to clean some dirty water using various tools.  Our goals were to discover what tools worked, and to think about the difficulty of cleaning water once it gets dirty.  All the different pollutants were child-safe but still helped us think about clean water versus dirty water.

Trying to clean water polluted with glitter

One student noted "The glitter is coming out, but it's hard!"

Trying to clean out dirt from water

Trying to clean water polluted with globs of glue

Shaving cream and water
Each pair tried to clean their polluted water with oral syringes, sponge brushes, paintbrushes and spoons.  After the experiment, the students recorded what tools worked, and made observations of what their water looks like before and after the pollution.

At circle time, we thought about the polluted water and determined a few things.  First, nobody wants to drink dirty water!  A few children thought that if we want to have clean water, we can reduce the water we use so there is more clean water.  We learned that it is definitely hard to try to clean water once it's dirty!


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