Thursday, April 24, 2014

Earth Week

We began our Earth Week celebration this week with the song and story I Love the Mountains.  Each child created a layer book entitled "I Am Thankful For..." similar to the read aloud.

A wonderful book that inspired our paper collage book
After creating our books, we came together with the other classes to sing our song and scatter grass seed on the playground.  Check here for a Discovery Channel version of our song.

We also explored what the it really means to be kind to the earth.  This book really captured what our world would look like if we kept making lots of garbage.
Everyone thought about all the little things we could do during the day to help.  Here is our song about the 3Rs!

We started a tally to see how many times we reduce, reuse and recycle during the day.  It was also useful to help us think about the differences between reusing things, like a piece of paper, recycling things (like our milk cartons), and reducing usage, like using less water when washing our hands.  Here is our tally at the end of the day on Tuesday!
Check back for an updated tally over the weekend--by the end of the day on Thursday we had 37 tallies (but I forgot to snap a picture of it!).

Time for Kids has some great information and lots of ideas as well for continuing the conversation!


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