Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Math Games and Fluency

We played lots of math games in the last few weeks and began exploring a question or number of the day.  One of our goals in kindergarten is fluency with addition/subtraction through sums of 5 and ten, if a child is ready to do so.  We often think of fluency as speed and accuracy, but it also means utilizing strategies to solve problems as well for meaningful understanding.  It means that our students should have a variety of ways to solve a problem and show they understand the solution.

A particularly popular game in our room is our new version of "rock, paper, scissors" called "I love math!"  The game can be played a few different ways, but here our students are working on naming math sums--each child sits across from a partner and chants "I love math" while throwing out a number of fingers on one or two hands.  The first child to name the correct sum of both partners' fingers wins!

For another great website to practice math fluency at home, check out Turtle Diary's math games here. Their first grade page also provides some math challenges!

On a separate note, one of our students loved sharing her drawing of our mascot!  What a great Mustang!


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