Saturday, April 26, 2014

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

We had a wonderful time at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts this past week.  Our goal was to see pieces that featured all our animal groups and represented all the continents we have learned about this year--an integration of science, social studies and the fine arts.
A fish vessel from Peru
A fascinating (and large) piece--a lobster coffin from Africa

Students beginning the scavenger hunt for animals--finding buffalo on a Native American textile

Each group has a clipboard to record how many of each animal group they found--by far, mammals were the winner!  Birds came in second, following by insects and fish.
Of course, the MIA is full of sculptures, painting, photographs, textiles, pottery and more to be appreciated.  One of our students took a moment to connect with the "sacred" exhibit.

We wrote in our science journals about our personal favorites.

The last piece we looked at as a class was the samurai armor from Japan.  It featured a praying mantis on the helmet!  I tried to take a picture, but it turned out badly.  Here's a much better picture from the MIA.
The Japanese samurai helmet was the inspiration for a certain Star Wars villain--can you guess which one? 


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