Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Easter Bunny's Assistant

We read about the traditions of Easter and celebrated with the adorable book by Jan Thomas, The Easter Bunny's Assistant

As a tie-in with our persuasive writing unit in Writer's Workshop, each child completed a "job application" to be an assistant to the Easter Bunny, and had to list several compelling reasons why they would be good for the job. 

Some of the qualifications included "I am really good at hiding eggs" and "I can sort jelly beans."
Each child had to demonstrate their hopping skills and record their best hopping distance.  Wow, our students can hop!  The record in the class was 49 inches!

The last part of the application was fingerprinting--the students were surprised that teachers get their fingerprints taken too for their licenses!

During our math stations this week, we had the "egg-tastic" money count as well.  Each egg had coins in it and the students used their money sense to record the amount in each egg.


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