Sunday, May 4, 2014

Westwood Hills Nature Center Trip in Spring (sort of)

We revisited the Nature Center again to see how our animal groups behave in spring. Alas, it was cold and snowy!  Even the great horned owl had left its nest in search of a warmer location!  We spent a short time outside and saw the mama goose sitting on her nest at the edgewater.

A white egret wades through the water in the background behind the nest.
Inside, we saw the always-entertaining puppet show! 

Everyone was very brave and met a hog-nosed snake.

The tarantula was very interested in us!

It was a great time to see worms in action, since we are learning about where our "organics" go and how compost works. 
An interesting skull with big front teeth and small chewing teeth--we thought it would be a beaver's skull.
Thank you Westwood for a wonderful year!


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