Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall and Fine Motor Fun

Fall is here, although it feels more like summer out there.  The students enjoyed running around, looking for acorns and playing in the leaves outside.

Fall always makes us kindergarten teachers think about fine motor activities--and not just because we are using those small muscles for crunching up leaves!  We start writing the first day of school, and we write a lot throughout the day--words, our names, numbers, you name it!  Many kindergarteners can feel sore in the small muscles of their hand and wrist after all the hard work they do.  We incorporate many other materials and activities that help build up stamina and strength in those small muscles.

Playdough is a great sensory material for small muscles.

Legos are a popular manipulative that require small muscle work.
If you interested in other creative and fun ways to help your child strengthen their fine motor strength and control, check out this great pinterest board. The Hands On As We Grow blog also provides lists of household objects that can help young learners with fine motor.

I look forward to seeing everyone at conferences next week!


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