Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walker Service Trip

We spent Tuesday morning at the Walker Senior Home in South Minneapolis, where our students sang and gave out cards.  We spotted many residents singing along as the children sang favorites from The Sound of Music and more.  Thank you to Ms. Anderson, our music teacher, for helping our students bring energy and song to the visit.  Check our video montage below!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday!

A first of many birthdays was celebrated today!  This kindergartner is a big Wisconsin fan, so of course Bucky Badger joined the party!

We heard the wonderful story Lost and Found, with a rapt audience listening to the friendship story of a little boy and a penguin.
Happy Birthday buddy!  Look for another kindergarten birthday on the way in a week and a half...
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brooklyn Park Eidem Homestead

We enjoyed a rather warm trip to the Eidem family Homestead, a farm from over one hundred years ago.
the sleigh for collecting ice 
 Inside the home, we saw the children's room--with a few wooden toys.  Many children recognized the dominoes, just like the ones we use today!

 We noticed that there was one set of special clothes for each child.  Since we learned that the children had to do lots of chores (especially dirty ones, like cleaning the chamberpots), we figured out that their special clothes were reserved for church on Sundays.

The spinning wheel in the dining room

The kitchen was the warmest room, since it had the wood burning stove.  Each child also got a chance to sit in the washtub and see the kerosene lamp.

A favorite spot--seeing the hens lay eggs!

Everyone got a chance to use their muscles and pump water.  Being part of a pioneer family is hard work!

 Thank you to all our parent volunteers!  We hope you had as much fun as the children did!

Monday, October 20, 2014

October is a great month for... Service!

As we put the finishing touches on costumes and prepare bowls of candy, it is also a time where we collect for those in need around us.  Our lower school chaplain is collecting gently used Halloween costumes for the STEP clothing closet.  A basket is located on the service shelf by the middle school entrance for donations.

We will collect candy for U.S. military troops stationed overseas as well.  Candy is a nice break for servicemen and women from their standard military rations.  Donations will be collected around November 7-11, so feel free to bring in that extra candy after Halloween and place it on the service shelf.

And last but not least, we are collecting box tops!  At our last chapel, one of our second grade teachers, Mr. Thayer, shared his experience in serving at schools in India over the summer.  He expressed how the schools badly needed sources of protein (eggs, meat. etc.) for children to eat on a weekly basis.   Each box top collected would result in 10 cents donated to help the schools purchase protein sources for their students.  Please bring any box tops to the classroom--so far we have 20 but we would love to get up to 100!  Cereal boxes, tissue boxes and even canned goods are all good places to find box tops!  Help your child be a "box top" detective!
Sunday, October 19, 2014

Unity Day and Halloween

This Wednesday, October 22 is Unity Day, a day to think about standing up to bullying. Students are encouraged to wear orange on this day.  For our young students, we will spend time thinking about what it means to stand up for our friends when we hear unkind words.  We will also spend time thinking about other people's feelings--recognizing feelings and putting ourselves in others' shoes.  

Here is a useful link to the organization that started Unity Day, the PACER center.  There is a list of resources on their site, as well as videos and more.  Please note that when we talk about bullying, it is different from conflict resolution.  Conflicts are problems between children solved with using their words, taking turns, etc.  Here is a site that gives more detail in explaining how to recognize each.


Halloween is coming and we have already read a few stories to get ready for this spoooooky day!

On Friday. October 31, we will join the lower school parade around 8:40, so children can arrive to school in costume!  Parents are invited to join us for the annual Lower School Halloween parade and songfest on Friday, October 31 at 8:50 in the Anderson Gym.  We will have our Halloween Party following the parade.  Since it is a Day 2, children should have a change of clothes suitable for the rest of the day, including P.E.   Please note that Halloween costumes and accessories must be non-violent and school appropriate, and the children should be able to sit down in their costume as well.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Our students presented this morning to the lower school on our October C.A.R.E. theme, perseverance.  Two of our students read the story Pout Pout Fish and the Big Big Dark, a great tale about a fish conquering his fear of the deep ocean to find a friend's pearl.

A short video featured three of our students telling their stories of "sticking with it" as well.  Check it out below!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Today was our first biobuddy day!  The kindergartners met their seventh and eighth grade buddies to make self-portraits as well as handprints and footprints.  Our biobuddies are so impressive in the way they lead, listen to and get to know our young learners.  They set a wonderful example.  One middle schooler even told us at the end of our morning today, "I had a great time. I am so excited!"  What mature young men and women!

We will meet with our biobuddies once a month to see how we grow by weighing ourselves and measuring our height (in the metric system).  We will also do body tracings, map systems of the human body and learn about our five senses.  It promises to be a great year!

Westwood Hills Fall Trip

Westwood Hills Nature Center was entertaining and interesting.  We spotted a crop of turkeys as we headed towards the center, and saw a red hawk living on the grounds of the center as well.  We took some time examining the animals and birds inside the center, and watched a puppet show about squirrel getting ready for winter.  After the show, we explored the woods and discovered some pillbugs and markings on saplings--spots where deer rubbed their antlers to mark their territory.  Upon our return to school, we drew our favorite parts of the trip and thought about three of our animals--deer, Canada goose, and sunfish--as they get ready for winter.

tiny box turtle--our reptile
the hilarious puppet show
a group we are not studying this year--hairy arachnids!  
a beehive in the trees near the pond
Friday, October 3, 2014

Nursery Rhymes

We are having a lot of fun with rhyming through nursery rhymes and songs!  We are singing along to Jack Hartman's Rhymin' to the Beat and building Humpty Dumpty and his wall.  Click here  and then "listen to this song" for a short audio clip of our Humpty Dumpty song--it's catchy!

Lots of Humpty Dumpties for the wall

We used red marker to build word "bricks" for Humpty's wall.

Third Grade Buddies

We have already met with our wonderful 3rd grade buddies in Mrs. Schafer's class!  Throughout the year, our students will have the opportunity to read, write and build stories in tandem with their older buddies.  We started out with a visit to the library and some great conversations!