Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brooklyn Park Eidem Homestead

We enjoyed a rather warm trip to the Eidem family Homestead, a farm from over one hundred years ago.
the sleigh for collecting ice 
 Inside the home, we saw the children's room--with a few wooden toys.  Many children recognized the dominoes, just like the ones we use today!

 We noticed that there was one set of special clothes for each child.  Since we learned that the children had to do lots of chores (especially dirty ones, like cleaning the chamberpots), we figured out that their special clothes were reserved for church on Sundays.

The spinning wheel in the dining room

The kitchen was the warmest room, since it had the wood burning stove.  Each child also got a chance to sit in the washtub and see the kerosene lamp.

A favorite spot--seeing the hens lay eggs!

Everyone got a chance to use their muscles and pump water.  Being part of a pioneer family is hard work!

 Thank you to all our parent volunteers!  We hope you had as much fun as the children did!


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