Sunday, October 19, 2014

Unity Day and Halloween

This Wednesday, October 22 is Unity Day, a day to think about standing up to bullying. Students are encouraged to wear orange on this day.  For our young students, we will spend time thinking about what it means to stand up for our friends when we hear unkind words.  We will also spend time thinking about other people's feelings--recognizing feelings and putting ourselves in others' shoes.  

Here is a useful link to the organization that started Unity Day, the PACER center.  There is a list of resources on their site, as well as videos and more.  Please note that when we talk about bullying, it is different from conflict resolution.  Conflicts are problems between children solved with using their words, taking turns, etc.  Here is a site that gives more detail in explaining how to recognize each.


Halloween is coming and we have already read a few stories to get ready for this spoooooky day!

On Friday. October 31, we will join the lower school parade around 8:40, so children can arrive to school in costume!  Parents are invited to join us for the annual Lower School Halloween parade and songfest on Friday, October 31 at 8:50 in the Anderson Gym.  We will have our Halloween Party following the parade.  Since it is a Day 2, children should have a change of clothes suitable for the rest of the day, including P.E.   Please note that Halloween costumes and accessories must be non-violent and school appropriate, and the children should be able to sit down in their costume as well.  


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