Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Westwood Hills Fall Trip

Westwood Hills Nature Center was entertaining and interesting.  We spotted a crop of turkeys as we headed towards the center, and saw a red hawk living on the grounds of the center as well.  We took some time examining the animals and birds inside the center, and watched a puppet show about squirrel getting ready for winter.  After the show, we explored the woods and discovered some pillbugs and markings on saplings--spots where deer rubbed their antlers to mark their territory.  Upon our return to school, we drew our favorite parts of the trip and thought about three of our animals--deer, Canada goose, and sunfish--as they get ready for winter.

tiny box turtle--our reptile
the hilarious puppet show
a group we are not studying this year--hairy arachnids!  
a beehive in the trees near the pond


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