Monday, November 17, 2014

Marshmallow Math

For a fun Friday activity, we celebrated practicing our 5-group fluency with Gingerbread and Snowman Marshmallow Math!

Each kindergartner used their gingerbread men and snowmen to come up with different combinations, or number partners, to add up to 5.  Then they could eat five marshmallows and take the rest home to share the activity with their family.  We hope some of those tasty marshmallows made it home!

Thinking about and becoming more familiar with "number partners" (also sometimes called hidden partners) helps us become fluent with addition up to 5.  Each child made a special number ring with 5 beads on it that we used in stations to play "hidden number;" one child would show three beads, and the other station friends had to shout out the missing number partner (two) that would make five.  As the fall progresses, we will add five more beads to our number ring to make ten, and begin thinking about number partners for 10 (8+2, 9+1, etc.). 

We love math!  For a homelink, ABCya is a great site for computer games--scroll down to get to the math section.  Pinterest also has tons of boards for fun math tools you can make at home--lots of fun to do on those long holiday weekends and winter breaks when it's extra chilly outside.  Happy Math Fun!


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