Friday, November 7, 2014

Skeletal System and More

This week we continued thinking about the skeletal system.  Each child built their own skeleton--a few friends enjoying dancing with their skeletons too!
With the addition of the game Operation to our science and math exploration table, we got lots of surgeons on call too!

In our stations this week, we explored several apps on the iPad, including the Handwriting Without Tears app "Wet Dry Try" and the app "Little Speller."  There are also a few emergent storybooks that the children were able to follow along with, including The Gingerbread Man  and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Some children took a break during choice time to explore numbers 1-100!

Many children enjoyed the smell of new playdough--with the scent of french toast!

A favorite activity was exploring crayon and watercolor together in illustrations.

PINECONES AND PINE NEEDLES NEEDED!!  If your family has any pinecones around the yard or the neighborhood that you are willing to part with, we would gladly take them for our counting and sensory table this week.  Even with pinecones collected by our students from the playground, we could definitely use more!  Thank you!


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