Saturday, November 1, 2014

This is Halloween!

We had a wonderful time at our Halloween party this Friday!

We played Halloween BINGO...
with pumpkins and spiders.
Everyone made delicious spider cookies with green frosting...

which were very popular...

and gave us green faces...
but happy ones!
A skeleton princess and her mom!

Our resident lego man started his day with... legos!

Doc McStuffins investigated the skeleton.
The young ladies from Frozen visited us on Halloween!

Another doctor was in the house to inspect some bones.
A queen and George Washington graced us with their presence too!
A Wild Kratt brother, Aaron Rogers and a wolf joined the party...
Along with a scary vampire and an astronaut... 
And a cute cat who practiced bandaging her arms!

One of our parents came in to share her skeleton, April, with the class.  She named the parts of the body and discussed with us how to keep strong bones!

The children practiced wrapping each other arms in soft casts.  A wonderful way to round out our Halloween celebration!

Thank you to all our parent volunteers!  Happy Fall!


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