Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter Time is Here...

It's that beautiful time of year again when we gather all our winter gear for play in the snow!  With the impending snowstorm, it is now time to bring in outdoor clothing for recess time.  Each student should have a winter jacket, snowpants, snowboots, hat and waterproof gloves to play outside every day!  We go outside every day unless the wind and cold are severe.  

One of our goals in kindergarten is for each child to become comfortable dressing themselves for outside play.  Since many mittens and snowpants look alike and can get mixed up as children prepare for recess, please label every winter item with your child's name.  

Another wonderful tradition for winter is... Skating!

We will begin skating Friday, December 5th.  We will leave school around 9:30 and return in time for lunch around 11.  Keep in mind that your child will need ice skates that fit properly AND a helmet that fits properly.  The helmet can be a bike helmet or any kind that protects your child from a fall. Any adults who wish to skate with their students must wear a helmet as well.

Happy Winter--even when sometimes it feels like this! 


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