Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy St. Lucia Day

We celebrated St. Lucia Day today! St. Lucia is typically celebrated on December 13th in Sweden to honor St. Lucia, who brought food to the needy around 300 A.D.  For more information on St. Lucia, check here on pbskids or here.

For St. Lucia day, the oldest daughter wears a crown of ligonberry leaves with candles and a white robe.  She rises early in the morning to serve traditional St. Lucia buns to the family.  The boys don "Star Boy" hats to help St. Lucia.

The lussekatt, traditional St. Lucia saffron buns
So we had to make fabulous crowns and Star Boy hats to celebrate!
Our St. Lucias
Our Star Boys

Click on the crown above for directions from the Chicago Children's Museum on making St. Lucia crowns.

A former Breck teacher visited us as St. Lucia and offered the children pepperkakor, another special St. Lucia treat.  Tradition says that you make a wish, then press one finger into the middle of the pepperkakor.  If it breaks into three pieces, your wish shall come true!

After trying pepparkakor, it was time to eat out yummy St. Lucia buns!

We also watched a choir sing a traditional St. Lucia song.  Click on the video below!


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